Excellent dynamic performance multidimensional elastic movement. The fabric is naturally stretched in every direction to follow muscle and joint movement.

Revolutionary elasticity a gentle retention mechanism creates an extraordinary and particularly effective second skin effect.

Incomparable lightness TECH is surprisingly light: a full range from 50 to 230 g/m2 to meet the requirements of customers who are looking for lightness.

Ultra-fast drying practically dry when you step out of the water TECH dries astonishingly quickly, a factor greatly appreciated in watersports or in poor weather conditions. You feel dry almost immediately!

Breathable TECH offers maximum breathability in the air, yet allows water and air to slide off the fabric without penetrating the fibres: hydro and aero-dynamic performance assured and demonstrated in numerous tests.

Pilling resistance TECH fabric retains its original appearance and stands up to the toughest conditions: certified lasting quality!

UV protection TECH provides a very high-performance protection against UVA/UVB, the measurement of the UV protection index, according to the AS/NZS 4399 standard, shows a figure higher than 700 UPF, which satisfy easily the highest protection level : 50+

Chlorine resistance with regard to chlorine resistance, an TECH fabric loses only 17% of its elasticity after 60 hours of bathing, compared to 70% for a traditionally knitted structure. TECH’s outstanding resistance has been tested and confirmed.

Specific treatments all our TECH fabrics can receive DryTech-C6 and HydroTech treatment

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