Coolmax Nido d’Ape

COOLMAX® by ADVANSA® is a knitted fabric with a high technological content that, thanks to the particular stitching, is resistant to abrasion and widely used in the sports world. The main feature is the high transpiration capacity which allows the body to remain dry and reduce the phenomenon of overheating. These performances are due to the special DACRON polyester fibers that make up the yarn and which have a four-channel structure wider than about 20% compared to the classic round-section fibers. The garments made of COOLMAX® are also light, do not irritate the skin, do not retain odors and are easy to maintain.

Summing up it is a fabric created with special fibers with extreme performance:

  • Exceptional humidity control
  • The fabric dries faster than traditional fabrics
  • Reduces body temperature and slows the heartbeat
  • Index of superior comfort compared to traditional fabrics
  • Complies with the highest standards required by ADVANSA® for certification

Why Coolmax®? Because sweat is not good, and it does not make you feel fresh. When the body produces too much sweat, it is because it is using energy to keep itself fresh. That energy should instead be used for your performance.

If the sweat does not evaporate quickly, the internal temperature of the body increases and more sweat is produced. With Coolmax®, sweat is no longer a problem. The ADVANSA engineered fibers used in Coolmax® fabrics transport the sweat away from the body to the garment surface, where it can evaporate quickly. At the same time, these fibers with a unique structure guarantee maximum breathability, even when wet. The breathability (air permeability) improves the effect of thermoregulation. It remains dry. It feels good and there is more energy and endurance.

What is Coolmax®? ADVANSA’s Coolmax® is a high-efficiency fabric that helps the performance of athletes and those who wear it. Using DuPont’s Dacron® fibers, Coolmax® removes sweat from the skin and pushes it towards the outer layer of the fabric, where it evaporates faster than with any other material.

In the tests carried out, the Coolmax® garments dried almost completely in 30 minutes. In comparison, cotton remains moist at about 50%. The sweat undermines the strength. Better evaporation means spending less energy to cool the body, and therefore improve physical performance and endurance. And because Coolmax® has better breathability, there’s nothing more comfortable to wear.

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