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Who are we

Andrea Fortolan


Who I am:

Environmental chemistry engineer – family, work and bike.

How I got to work for Pella?

I started coming to the factory at the age of 3, every day, when the nursery school was over my mom took me with her. I still remember the sound of the right frames as they came down and with which the knitted woolen fabrics were made. My parents gave me the passion for textile with the sparkling love for the bike.

After university continuing what they had created was a natural choice.

How has my work changed from the beginning to today?
Automation aside, it has not changed much. After listening to needs of costumer I always suggest solutions and together we build the final product. This create a very close relationship that almost always turns into friendship.
What do I love about my job?
Constact contact with people like me who share my passion for a special sport like cycling
Cycling in all its forms.



Who am I?

Who is Cristina?
A graphic designer of the team… or better, THE GRAPHIC DESIGNER.

How I got to work for Pella?

12 years ago my resume emerged from the mountain of orders and documents covering Andrea’s desk, capturing his attention.

How has my work changed from the beggining to today?

The evolution … from the marten brush, to the algorithm that optimizes spaces and quantities of hundreds of sports items we produce every day.
What do I love about my job?
The ability to create, shape ideas and know that you have achieved the customer’s desire


The search for beauty.




Who am I?

Who’s Nella? The seamstress.

How I got to work for Pella?

In 2007 I applied to this company and, after an interview with Andrea and Franco Fortolan, I was hired.

What do I love about my job?
It’s the job I’ve been doing all my life, so it’s natural for me now. It fascinates me to be able to complete more and more complicated and demanding packaging activities.


My young daughter.

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