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The Pella story is one that revolves around one family and their passion for cycling. The family has a history of cyclists among them and, in particular, one professional, Adriano Pella. Adriano raced for various professional Italian cycle teams during the 1970’s.

In 1980, Loredana Pella then owner of a textile manufacturing company, and husband Franco Fortolan, a textile technician, decided to join their working experiences. The natural choice for such experience and passion could only be the design and production of cycling clothing under the Pella name. The huge amount of experience from both Lordena and Franco has ensured Pella Sportswear have been the most knowledgeable in the most crucial areas of cycle clothing production and development.

Through the thirty five years of activity, Pella Sportswear has gained vast experience and technological evolution through one philosophy, Love. This is the core of Italian handcraftsmanship, attention for detail, quality materials and the passion to create clothing with comfort, performance and style.

The Pella spirit is summarised and proudly part of the company slogan, “always Made in Italy since 1980”

Today Pella is established in modern premises in the small village of Valdengo (Biella). The business is able to count on the contribution of a large group of knowledgeable people, each dedicated to specific manufacturing steps.

Fact: Did you know that in the mid 1980’s Pella Sportswear was the first manufacturer in the world to adopt the digital printing process?

The last 15 years has seen the greatest change with the process of computer aided manufacturing and design progressively extended. This has coincided with the arrival of Andrea Fortolan, son of the two founders in 2000. The strategies of the new generation have contributed to the increase international trade, that now accounts for 75% of the business turnover

Pella pride themselves on their made in Italy reputation and have further committed to make ethical choices in their production. The factory is powered by renewable energy, it uses only water based inks and uses only strictly certified fabrics and working practices.

And the future? To continue innovation and development of cycling wear always made in Italy

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