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Swapfiets was founded in 2014 by three technical students in Delft, the Netherlands. It is New long term bike rental service : for a fixed monthly fee, you get a bicycle. Swapfiest make sure it will always work. If the bike breaks down, you can call them, and they will come to you, wherever you are in your city. This epic service is delivered within a day.

Currently it’s a company with more than 1200 colleagues in 4 countries (Germany, Netherlands, Belgium and Denmark). They are working on one common goal: to conquer the world and make Swapfiets great!

A Swapfiets bicycle can easily be ordered online.

At the cost of the subscription per month it is possible to pedal without thinking about the maintenance and efficiency of the bicycle.

 If there is something wrong with the bike, Swapfiest come over to you to repair the bicycle or to swap it for a working one. This is done without extra costs.

All bikes are designed by the Swapfiets team but made by bicycle brand Union & Cycletech and have a blue front wheel to make it stand out.

Each bike also comes with two locks and the keys are unique, meaning that one set of keys cannot unlock other Swapfiets bikes, so it feels as if it’s your own.

Students make up 70 percent of Swapfiets’ customers

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