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Pella is official supplier of cycling wear for Outdoor Journeys tours.

Outdoor Journeys by Central Holidays offers a premier collection of active outdoor travel experiences in exciting destinations throughout Europe. Featuring biking, hiking, and trekking travel programs set within the region's most popular scenic settings, travel programs presented by Outdoor Journeys are noted for their diverse activities, inclusions, and the destination expertise of its staff. The company is dedicated to delivering the ultimate trips for outdoor-minded travelers and is pleased to provide hands-on, in-country support and assistance throughout each trip.

Follow your passion for active adventure and discover some of the most beautiful places across Europe. On an Outdoor Journeys running tour or trekking vacation, adventurers enjoy: treading in the footpaths of history's icons; reveling in wonderful cities of art; becoming immersed in the most spectacular corners of nature that the region's mountains have to offer; and exploring amazing Islands - all while experiencing a unique combination of history, sightseeing and fitness at every turn. Travelers explore their destinations of choice, both on-road and off-road, with travel options that take them through the most picturesque marathons, half marathons and trails.

These inspired active vacations also introduce travelers to vast culinary pleasures; featuring a splendid range of local products and regional dishes to enjoy. Sojourners are pleased to know that many of the delicacies offered on Outdoor Journeys' programs also provide an excellent source of energy for active travelers. These experiences showcase the "Mediterranean Diet," recently adopted by UNESCO as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of the Mediterranean people that celebrates not only locally grown food, but also sharing in the mealtime experience with family and friends.

On an Outdoor Journeys active vacation, you will also have the opportunity to learn good, healthy and easy to prepare recipes ideal for runners and trekkers that you can share with friends and family when you return home.

With a diverse array of program, Outdoor Journeys itineraries are ideal for all fitness levels from beginners to accomplished athletes. Each program is geared to the needs of the traveler, both groups and individuals, so that every active vacation by Central Holidays is the cherished vacation of a lifetime. Have our team of destination experts tailor-create the ideal fitness vacation for you or your group to visit the cities and villages on your bucket list of places to explore as you stay active and have fun on an Outdoor Journeys active vacation.

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